Fat Dissolving Injections Course


From our Liverpool aesthetics training academy, the team at Utopia Cosmetics deliver a masterclass aimed at giving beauty therapists the ability to give their clients fat dissolving injections. We’ll offer you everything that you need to ensure that you can establish yourself in the world of beauty therapy, including giving the best fat dissolving injections to your customers in your region. We can help you to become the regional expert in this specialist service, helping your customers reach their beauty goals with precision and in a safe manner.

Our Classes

Our Fat Dissolving Masterclass costs £400, delivering an exceptional service to each of our clients with experienced staff giving the full range of tips and techniques that you need to give your clients the best fat dissolving injections possible. We’ll work with you to show you the safe dosages and the best ways to inject fat dissolvers, making sure that by the time you leave our ABT accredited course, you’ll be ready for the world of beauty treatment delivery.

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To book a place on our fat dissolving injections masterclass, be sure to call our friendly team today. We’ll work with you to find a place and time most appropriate for you, making sure that you can give your customers the service that they deserve. 

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