Profhilo Training Course


From the Utopia Cosmetics aesthetics training academy in Liverpool, we offer courses for beauticians looking to learn how to properly apply Profhilo treatments to their clients. Profhilo has become one of the most demanded services offered by beauty therapists, and so our course allows you to tap into this market and provide your clients with the most cutting-edge service in your region. 


With the market moving towards newer treatments including Profhilo injections, our course – running for £400 – could give you the edge in your field, giving your clients the best beauty treatments available.

Registered Classes

Our Profhilo training courses are all ABT registered and delivered by staff members well-versed in both the practical application and teaching of Profhilo injections. As more and more clients look for Profhilo injections to help moisturise and freshen their skin, having an ABT accreditation in Profhilo delivery could be the difference between drawing in new customers and not. With our registered Profhilo injection classes, you can penetrate this new market and become the registered expert in your region, giving your customers the best service every time.

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Make sure not to miss out on a place on our masterclass, allowing you to deliver Profhilo injections with an ABT accreditation. We’ll make sure that you’re an expert in the service and give you everything that you need to become an established beautician in the field. 

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