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Here at Utopia Cosmetics, I take pride in delivering an excellent service to each individual client, taking time to listen to their needs, to have empathy and to be able to reassure my client throughout, putting them at ease whilst delivering the best experience possible.


Hi, and welcome to Utopia Cosmetics.

I am Alex, a Nurse Led Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner.

I have 10 years experience working in the Hospital setting, with 3 years of working at Ormskirk General Hospital and 7 years at Liverpool Royal University Hospital.

My Qualifications:
- Qualified Teacher for Basic Life Support.
- Qualified Intimidate Life Support.
- Qualified First Aid Lead/Medical Emergencies for Children's Department.
- Continuing Professional Development and Updating Mandatory Skills.
- Previous Cross Infection Lead.
- Advanced Dermal Fillers and Botulin Toxic Qualified.
- Post Qualifications Specialising in Complex Treatments.


'Service doesn't have to be a big grandiose to be meaningful and make a difference'

Cheryl A. Esplin

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