Cosmetic Training Courses

Learn the ultimate skills and knowledge with utopia cosmetics and be a pro injector and level up in 2021. 

we've got you covered 

  • Basic Dermal filler 

  • basic botulinum toxin

  • anatomy & physiology 

  • first aid 

  • bls 

  • hyaluronidase dissolving 

  • managing complications 

Have you ever though about a career in cosmetics?

Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support, Basic Dermal Fillers Qualification,  Basic Botulin toxin qualification, anatomy and physiology, access to a prescriber, areas to be treated, contra indications, consultation and consent, managing expectations, managing complications, setting up surgery,  cross infection, reviewing clients, practical sessions, resources, resources to suppliers & cut accredited certification

What will I learn 

this course provides our candidates with the in depth knowledge and the hands on injection time to ensure a good level of confidence on completion of the course. 

  • qualified teacher in advance aesthetics and basic life support 

  • qualified intimidate life support 

  • qualified first aid lead/ medical emergencies for children's department 

  • previous cross infection lead 

  • advanced dermal fillers and botulin toxin qualification 

  • post qualification specialising in complex treatments 

  • years of experience 

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