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Basic Combined Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxic

We offer a range of combined Dermal Filler courses aimed at Beginners from our Liverpool Aesthetics Training Academy. At Utopia Cosmetics, we're proud to host some of the most experienced aesthetics practitioners and aesthetics trainers in the region and deliver the best classes for aspirant beauticians in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Courses

Our Anti-Wrinkle Treatment courses include:

Our Access Course on Phlebotomy: £500

Basic Botulinum Toxin Courses: £1000

Basic Dermal Filler Course: £2000

A Combined Course: £3000

Our Complete Course, including Access: £3500

The range of courses that we offer gives our clients the best chance to establish themselves in the beauty world, giving a wide array of services that you'll need to give your own customers a world-class service. We'll give you the tools that you need to become an established beautician, wherever you are.

Perfect for Beginners

The Beginners Courses have been developed by our experienced team to create a fantastic foundation for aspiring aesthetics practitioners in Liverpool, helping you to give the best services to everyone who comes into your nascent beauty studio. We'll work with you to give you everything you need to become an established beauty therapist in your area.


Get in touch with our team today to book your place on one of our Beginner Aesthetics Training Courses.

We cant wait to work with you!

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